Inbound MarketingOutbound marketing includes many traditional, expensive forms of intrusive marketing. Direct mail, print ads, radio, television and trade shows are prime examples.

Today’s inbound marketing focuses around online search and new online referral sources. Because it is focused on when a prospect is looking for your product or service, not the other way around, it tends to be much more affordable and cost effective.

Think of the way you use the Internet. The average consumer performs dozens of online searches every day. They’re looking for specific information, and they want quality answers.

What if you could develop content based on that exact moment when someone is looking for your product or service. Wouldn’t that make them a better prospect as well?

Today’s Inbound Marketing eStrategies focus on creating quality content, with many ways for prospects to nd you. Think of blogs, online articles, quality website content, social media involvement (like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), public relations, eNewsletters, email, and more.