The Top 10 Benefits of Writing a Book

John Peretz

Writing a book can be one of the most joyful (and agonizing) projects you can undertake. Yet so many great benefits can come out of the process. Here are my top 10 benefits for writing a book.

  1.  It creates an abundance of great content. Writing a book generally brings out your brightest and most important ideas, and it also creates tons of excellent content.
  2. You can slice and dice content. Book excerpts can be used in blogs, web content, white papers, social media entities, tweets webinars and more to enhance your online footprint and help with S.E.O.
  3. Land more speaking engagements. You’re much more likely to be selected to speak at a conference or be on a panel when you’ve demonstrated that you know what you’re talking about.
  4. Travel on author tours. If you want to travel, then writing a book could be your ticket to other cities and countries through a series of book signings or speaking engagements.
  5. Establishes you as an expert. Nothing says extreme expert like a book that you wrote on the subject.
  6. Awesome new business tool. Imagine walking into your next meeting with a signed book.
  7. Improved online footprint. The book, along with the way you distribute content, can improve your online presence significantly.
  8. Recognition and respect. When you add the word author to your title, there is a little bit more credibility that you’ve earned though the process. And at conferences, you may be to attend via a press pass, where everyone wants to talk to you.
  9. Career advancement. Even if you’re already the top dog in your own company, you could use the book to land on national associations or trade organizations in your field.
  10. Business gain. If you’re writing a book, you should have a plan of a business strategy to leverage the book. Most authors don’t make money on book sales, but on the back-end with a business that ties into the book, seminars or other revenue generating tactics.

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