10 Questions with AREAA National Chair Ivan Choi

a | r | e — Asian Real Estate

by John Peretz

  1. choi-300x213What book other than the Bible impacted you the most?
    That’s easy! The Brothers Karamazov. My mother named me after the middle brother, Ivan.
  2. Where would you go on your ultimate vacation?
    Hawaii. With AREAA friends. For the Global Summit!
  3. Who’s your favorite rock band?
    U2. I grew up with them, saw them live in concert twice during high school and to this day I still love them. My other favorite band is The Descendents, a local Los Angeles punk rock band from the 80s.
  4. Tell us something that no one would ever guess about you.
    After work hours, at home, I want people to leave me alone. For some reason people think I’m just as talkative and sociable at home as I am during work hours. For anyone that knows me well, I’m dead silent after work hours. Outside my family, people think my dead silence is way too awkward.

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