11 Transactions, 13 Months, Directly from Proxio

Florida Realtor

by John Peretz

An Online Network to Reach a Global Audience of Buyers and Investors. More than just a referral network.


NEAL OATES, WORLD RENOWNED REAL ESTATE, MIAMIWhen Neal Oates learned that he would be showing properties to a Spanish-speaking couple, he didn’t worry that he didn’t speak their language. He went to Proxio.com, global real estate network, and printed out two copies of each listing that they would visit— one in Spanish for the couple and another in English for himself. “They were amazed at the effort I made for them,” says Oates, broker-owner of World Renowned Real Estate in Miami. “I was perceived as an expert, but everything was translated with the click of a button,” He sold the couple a home, and they referred their family and friends. “I had 11 [transactions] in 13 months directly from printing out six listings from Proxio in Spanish.”

Proxio’s real estate platform provides global marketing and networking services that allow agents to market themselves and their listings worldwide, in 19 languages and 55 currencies. Standard membership costs about $9.99 monthly and is provided by Oates’ local association; however, he decided to upgrade to the Global Agent Package for $749 annually. “I chose the [upgrade] because it allows you to showcase 10 listings at once.”

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