My First Multi-Million Dollar Sale

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Mr. Aurthur Hung with John Peretz

My first Multi-Million Dollar SaleQ: So, what was your first big sale and how did it come about?

Well, actually it was a walk-in, if you can believe it, in 2007. A gentleman walked into our office and said, “I want to look at buying an apartment, and I want to talk to your best agent.” Fortunately, I was in the office and our manager referred the client to me. I was just really lucky that day.

Q: What was your client looking for?

He actually wanted to find an apartment in a very small geographic area – maybe a three-square-block area in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. He really wanted something that had the ‘cool factor’, something that he would respond to instantly. We ended up finding a really cool penthouse for $5.6 million.

The city boasts many “firsts,” including America’s first public school in 1635 and the first subway system, all the way back in 1897.

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