The Strangest Days in Real Estate

a | r | e — Asian Real Estate

by John Peretz

Naked people jumping out of windows, squatters making love in a sleeping bag, a truly haunted mansion, gun threats, gentlemen’s clubs, loose dogs and a person hiding in a closet. Think you had a challenging day?

The Strangest Days in Real EstateAREAA members are some of the very best in the real estate industry. With a deep knowledge of their local markets, an innate ability to understand cultural differences and an ability to network far beyond their neighborhood, many AREAA members are real estate superstars in their own market. But even the best of them can have a challenging day. How did your day stack up to these?

Ever had to sell a 13,600-square-foot haunted mansion?

Mr. James Browning, a commercial and residential real estate broker, educator and AREAA member, has quite the story. He was asked by a bank to sell arguably one of the most haunted mansions in the United States, the 13,600-square-foot, four-story Croke-Patterson mansion, which includes a 2,345-square-foot basement complete with dungeons and a supposed tomb…

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